Friday, September 29, 2006


Leading on from Roger's Starter for 10...

I have Toys.
On my desk.
As you can see.

Thing is - These were ALL gifts.


Edward Scissorhands: A gift from Roger
Wolverine: A gift from Me
Edward's Dog: A gift from Roger
Skeletor: A gift from Big Poppa
Gibaffe: A gift from Wossage
Nintendo DS Lite: A gift from my previous work colleagues.

This is what we do.
We buy each other COOL things.

We do not spend our money on cushions.
Or cardigans.
Well - certainly not for our friends anyway.

Friends buy their friends cool stuff.

Growdups should do this too, but they don't.
They just don't get it...




Naomi said...

Oooh, ooh, I have that gibaffe too. And that Edward. Obviously.
Aaaaand I do spend money on cushions, but that's cos I like being comfy when I'm looking at my toys. So that's alright. Yass. I had a Marvin the Martian on my desk and his eyes lit up and everything but when I moved into someone elses office I brought him home cos nobody understood. And I got told off by IT because my monitor was covered in glittery star stickers and apparently they had to take them all off cos the new person sitting there didn't want them. *sigh*.

Whatley said...

You're ALLOWED to have Cushions Roger.
You just can't buy them for your friends!
OF COURSE you can have Cushions.
Be a bit silly if we didn't have Cushions.

But it's cool.

Feel free to post a pic of your desk.
Toys included.

In fact - I encourage all of readers to post their toys at once...

Just you wait!

The revolution is coming...