Monday, January 15, 2007

A Telling Off

Today I got a telling off. Not from a Grownup.
Oh no.

But from Roger.

Roger and I are friends.
We have found each other in a weird way - But found each other we have.

Anywhoo - of late I have not been interacting with too many Grownups.
I find them boring.

More often than not - they don't seem to get what I'm talking about.

So more and more I've been seeking out (and hanging out with) people more like Roger and Me.

Because of this - situations just have not been occurring which I can report to 'Why Don't Grownups Get it?'.
I am working on it - but this kind of thing needs to happen naturally.

So Roger - I'm sorry.
Must try harder.
I will make sure I find myself around more Grownups more often,
(although how on Earth I'm supposed to beat the 'Aga Khan' situation I have no idea),
...but I AM working on it.

I promise.



Sometimes I feel like the grown-up

Last night Blue Planet was on telly and had lobsters on it. "Seen it" I declared...but then wondered aloud on whether I had in fact seen this particular programme or just some other one with lobsters on. After all, lobsters don't have a very varied repertoire.

This is not the story. If I left it there, I admit, this entry would be very dull.

No, next I pondered as to whether, with all the wildlife programmes out there, I would ever again watch one and go "Wow, I've never seen that animal before". The following conversation ensued:

MAN: Yeah, that can happen. I mean, I once encountered someone who'd never seen a duck billed platypus before.
ME: What, like, not even a picture? Was it a small child?
MAN: No, it was a girl I went out with.
ME: Did you get her off the sunshine bus?
MAN (slightly grumpily): No. She was very bright. She was a journalist.
ME: But she's never seen a platypus? EVERYONE knows what a platypus is.
MAN: Not her. And when I showed her a picture on the web she refused to believe it and said I'd made it up.
ME: So, what you're saying is that you went out with a girl who (whilst presumably able to perform basic functions unaided), didn't actually believe in the duck billed platypus?

There is a pause. Man looks slightly grumpy at my insulting of the intelligence of his ex. Then - and I SWEAR this is true - he comes up with the punchline...

MAN: Be fair, she was Canadian. They don't have platypuses out there.

Right, yes, because you can't move for the little furry beaked buggers in the Home Counties.