Monday, January 15, 2007

A Telling Off

Today I got a telling off. Not from a Grownup.
Oh no.

But from Roger.

Roger and I are friends.
We have found each other in a weird way - But found each other we have.

Anywhoo - of late I have not been interacting with too many Grownups.
I find them boring.

More often than not - they don't seem to get what I'm talking about.

So more and more I've been seeking out (and hanging out with) people more like Roger and Me.

Because of this - situations just have not been occurring which I can report to 'Why Don't Grownups Get it?'.
I am working on it - but this kind of thing needs to happen naturally.

So Roger - I'm sorry.
Must try harder.
I will make sure I find myself around more Grownups more often,
(although how on Earth I'm supposed to beat the 'Aga Khan' situation I have no idea),
...but I AM working on it.

I promise.



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