Wednesday, October 11, 2006

CSI Roger

Today it rained. A lot. And I don't know anything about boat-building so I was getting a bit worried about what I was going to do when the inevitable call from the big man came asking me to build an ark to put all the aminals in. But then I was distracted because bits of the roof all over the place spontaneously decided to start leaking and we had lots of floods and I forgot about where I was going to put all the pairs of ducks and things.

Aaaand my part in this was all terribly important and grown-up - I had to walk around with a great big camera and take pictures of the damage.

Like a crime scene investigator.

I took some awfully good pictures. For instance, this one, which I think shows a particularly nice bucket shot with a teasing tarpaulin overlay (easy tiger). Not as much fun as photographing murder scenes, I suppose, but it amused me.

I did ask if I could put police hazard tape all over the doors to the affected areas.

But apparently it wasn't "necessary". Pah.