Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I'm wearing tweed! Like a grown-up!

Today I am wearing a suit at work.

This would not be unusual for many people (by 'people', obviously I mean 'grown-ups'), however I usually schlep into work wearing whatever jeans and children's television-themed t-shirt I can find in the drawer that morning. So today, just getting from the front desk to my office, no less than 3 grown-ups commented, variously

"A bit smart, aren't we?"
"What's the occasion?"
and "Off to an interview this afternoon then?"

Now. What they don't know is that none of the above are true. The truth is, I have been out every night this week, and thusly have done no laundry whatsoever and am down to whatever I can find in the plastic dry-cleaning wrappers in the wardrobe. The suitage has nothing whatsoever to do with being a grown-up and everything to do with being too inept to fill my own
washing machine

Unless I get my arse in gear over the weekend the next logical step on Monday is going to be a choice between pyjamas and an evening gown. I know which would be more practical.



Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Lunchtime (in)activist

A little off topic but I feel it needs to be said:

I hate Starbucks. I hate their nasty evil capitalist ways, their destruction of the high street, their multinational greed and those horrible, cynical new coffee loyalty cards they've just brought out. I hate the fact that I had to find a picture of a different sort of Starbuck (albeit a much cooler one) to put on this blog as if I used the logo they'd somehow find out then probably send armed baristas round to my house in the dead of night, bundle me into the Coffeemobile and lock me up in a small room being force-fed soya lattes for the remainder of my days.

I urge everyone reading this with any sense of decency to boycott these money-grabbing coffee-pushing Nazis and stand up for all that is fair and proper and decent.

Because if you all do...maybe it will make up for the fact that I just can't get enough of their Cheese & Marmite paninis.


Oh, and peppermint mochas. Hollow consumerism never tasted so good.



I Want a Wii

I went to New York last week!
I spent two hours in the Nintendo Store playing Zelda...
Uh huh...

I then bought some Wii controllers (see very excited pic above) to use on my Wii that I will be purchasing on Dec 8th.

I have tried to explain this whole thing to SO MANY grownups...

The conversation tends goes like this:

Me: "LOOK!"

Them: "What?"

Me: "It's a Wii controller"

....que lots of shaking and waving of controllers and moving and leaping about shouting things like "YAH!" and "HAH!"

Them: "So....?"

Me: "DOH! SOOOOOOOO! If I want to draw my sword I just shake my left hand like this... (shakes left hand) and if I want to hit anyone with it I just hack at them with my right - LIKE THIS! (hacks and slashes) ITS JUST SO COOL! SEE?!"

Them: "Uh-huh..."

They just don't get it...