Tuesday, September 26, 2006


So my big sister has a new phone of which she is very proud. It does video, MP3, sings, dances, makes the tea, you name it. Problem is it doesn't come with a training course.

Sis: Can you have a look at my phone? I made a video but it only comes out in black and white and I don't know why.

Me: OK, well, I'm not all that technical but I'll have a look for you.

Sis: It's this one, the one of my cat (shows me)

4 and a half nanoseconds later

Me: Right, I see your problem. Um. What colour is the cat?

Sis: Black and white...

Realisation slowly dawns.

Yes, you are ahead of me. It was in fact a colour video of a black and white cat. For goodness' sake.



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