Monday, September 18, 2006

Starter for 10

So I come in this morning and there in my pigeonhole is a parcel from Play containing my Shaun of the Dead figure, which I duly open and take up to the office. Two colleagues are in my office (Grownups 1 and 2) when I get there, following conversation ensues:

G1: So, what’s that then?
ME: It’s Shaun of the Dead (*duh*)
G2: Ahh, is it a present for someone?
G1: Or was it a freebie from somewhere?
ME: No, it’s mine.


ME: Look, it’s got a little bunch of flowers and a wee cricket bat and..and..EVERYTHING. (am baffled by how anybody can fail to be impressed by this)

More silence

G1: Riiiiight.

By this time I have turned on my computer and the screensaver – Chris the Ninja Pirate from Weebl and Bob, comes on.

G2: What on earth is that?
ME: It’s Chris.


ME: He’s a Ninja Pirate.

More baffled silence. Man, it’s hot in here.

ME: Look, you can tell because he has an eyepatch, see, and a little ninja sword, and he’s saying ‘Yaaarrrr’. Ninja Pirate. Yass.

They shake collective heads, give up and go away.

Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing in this place. I mean, really. *sigh*.



Aidan said...

Is that an office toy?
Or will it be collecting dust on the shelf at home?

Naomi said...

Dammit, I forgot that broadcasting my purchases on a blog would mean that I couldn't keep them secret. Schoolboy error.

Whatley said...

Schoolboy error indeed dude.

It's ok - at least he doesnt know about the life-size version we've bought together eh?



andthenthegirlsaid said...

shaun of the dead! awesome! :)
(even us canadian folk know about shaun.)