Monday, December 17, 2007

It's been a while...

But I had to blog this...
A conversation between our hero, (that'll be me) and a tall, dark and very beautiful 'Persian' woman.

Please note - this conversation happened at the beginning of a recent Christmas party and no alcohol had yet to be consumed. The music however was loud. And at this point, I did not know she was from Persia.

Me: Hi there, what's your name?
Persian: Memememem.

Me: Pardon?
Persian: Mammyamem

Me: I'm sorry. I couldn't hear you. The music. It's very loud. Did you say Marian?
Persian: Marian.

Me: Marian.
Persian: Nooooooo. Maryam.

Me: As in 'Marry-AM'?
Persian: Yes. That's it.

I put one index finger on my nose and point straight at her with my other index finger in the universal sign for 'You knows it' as taken from such games as 'Give us a clue' and 'Charades'.

Persian: Yes. I know. I'm from Persia.
Me: Pardon?

Persian: My nose. You pointed it out. Yes. It's my Persian nose.
Me: You're from Persia?

What follows is a quick guide on 'What not to say when you meet a Persian':

Persian: Yes.
Me: Cooooooooooooooooool! I have a rug! *wink-wink - nudge-nudge"

Persian: Oh yes. Very good.
Me: No no. Seriously, Prince of Persia is one of my favourite games...


Persian: I'm sorry?
Me: Um... Nothing!

So - there you have it -

When trying to get friendly with gorgeous Persian women. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT congratulate them on Prince of Persia.




クーパー said...

ha ha ha.
A welcome return.
There are only 4 grown ups in Japan and they are in charge.

Whatley said...

Glad you liked it...

Stay tuned mon ami!

Unknown said...

Awesome!! And good advice too ;)